Ninety days from today, I land in Sydney, Australia to begin my one year Working Holiday. 90 seems like a big number, but when you consider I first made the decision to move to Oz over 8 months ago, it’s a very short amount of time.

Am I nervous? You bet. Scared? Of course. Excited?

You’d better believe it.

Yesterday, I gave notice at my job. I’m working on getting a transfer (or technically, re-hire) at the same company in Australia, but officially telling my job I’m quitting without actually having another job lined up down under is just a little nerve-wracking. I’m confident I’ll be able to find a job, but turning in my notice just added one more layer of reality to everything I’ve done so far.

I have just over a month before I leave on the first leg of my round-the-world adventure. Every day, as the number of days goes down, I get more nervous–and more excited. I tell myself I’d be a lunatic if I wasn’t at least a little anxious, but that doesn’t help to lessen the effect at all.

I’d probably be a lot more worried if I wasn’t such an organizer. I have a spreadsheet with all of the details (and with over two days of combined long-distance travel over the course of 14 legs and 49 days, there are a lot of details to keep track of).

I’ve been tracking my finances, accommodations, flights, important details (visa info, required documentation, etc.), and even have a list and estimated value of all of the belongings I plan to sell before I leave. It’s all on one spreadsheet, almost like a dashboard of everything I need to keep track of for the next few months.

I’m about as ready as I could ever be. Part of me wishes I could just leave now, but I’ll have to be patient. As the days go by so quickly, I’m more confident than ever that I’m about to start the biggest adventure of my life. Bring on the butterflies.