MN HF 3396 (The Bathroom Bill)

What? Two blog posts from me in less than a week? 😉 Shocking, I know. This morning, I attended a hearing of the Minnesota House Civil Law and Data Practices Committee on House File 3396, a bill that would require transgender people in the state of Minnesota to use bathrooms matching their genitalia, rather than their … Continue reading MN HF 3396 (The Bathroom Bill)

So what happens next?

So now that I'd come out to myself as transgender, what was I going to do about it? Well, I knew that I wanted to do something about it, and that was this thing called "transitioning." but didn't really know how to go about it. So I sat down, and did some research. Reddit can actually be … Continue reading So what happens next?

Coming out to myself

I spent most of my twenties in denial about being trans. "I just like fantasizing about being female," I would say to myself silently. I convinced myself it was just a fetish, or that transitioning wasn't something I could ever do. So what changed? Why was 2015 the year that I was able to break through … Continue reading Coming out to myself

Being different

When I was a kid, I was different. I was shy, introverted, geeky. I was emotional. I was bullied for being different, even though they (and I) couldn't really articulate exactly how I was different. Some transgender people know how they're different from a young age. From the time they can talk, they say things like, "Mommy, … Continue reading Being different